Committed to creating a mindful, empathetic world for parents & their young children

Early childhood experts, health professionals, and parents from all over the world have come together to share their wisdom about holistic child development and fulfilling parenting. Our goal is to create the best conditions for the child’s and parents’ emotional, spiritual, and physical development and well-being, so they can flourish as individuals and as a family.

We offer a wide variety of resources that have proven helpful in the daily life of thousands of families, with nourishing support to help you find your own inner sources of strength & transformation. Together let’s develop a nourishing present full of gentleness, respect and empathy as we unite around the globe during these unprecedented times.

Our dedicated team


Pia Dögl

Founder, San Francisco.

Pia Dögl, certified parent coach, hypnotherapist, international keynote speaker, author & founder of Beginning Well® has dedicated her work to fostering the individual potential of …


Susan Bruck

Early Childhood Expert and Lead Editor, Colorado

Susan Bruck has been a Waldorf teacher for over 20 years. Much of that time, she taught Parent-Child classes for …


Mandi Brown

Media Strategist, USA

Mandi supports us – from the very beginning – with her deep wisdom in Media Strategy, Creative Ideas and Content. Mandi is a busy mom, …



Amy Griffith

Doula and Certified Nutritionist, California

As a postpartum doula, Amy offers support to women and their …


Anna Ruth Myers

Early Childhood Expert & Parent Consultant, NYC

Anna Ruth Myers is an infant development …


Anne de Wild

Naturopath, Basel, Switzerland.

Anne de Wild is a naturopath and biography worker with her own …


Deb Fusek

Certified Parent Coach & Adoption Consultant.

Deb Fusek, MA,  has been a mom since …


Dorothy Marleen

Early Childhood and Parenting Expert, UK

Dorothy offers us parents a deep understanding and awareness of …


Dr. Adam Blanning

Anthroposophic physician and family doctor, USA

Dr. Adam Blanning, MD is an anthroposophic physician and school doctor, with …


Dr. Deborah E. Laurin

Early Childhood Expert and Researcher

Dr. Deborah Laurin, professor of Early Childhood Education, is …


Dr. Georg Soldner

Anthroposophical Pediatrician, Germany

Dr. Georg Soldner is a globally renowned anthroposophical pediatrician from Germany and father of two adult …


Dr. Karin Michael

Pediatrician, Germany.

Dr. Karin Michael is a specialist in children’s and adolescent Medicine at …


Dr. Michaela Glöckler

Pediatrician and President, ELIANT, Germany

Dr. Michaela Glöckler is a globally published author, …


Elke Maria Rischke

Waldorf Early Childhood Expert, Germany

Elke Maria Rischke is a Waldorf educator who has worked as a Waldorf …


Greer Kirshenbaum

Neuroscientist doula, Canada

Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD, CD(DONA), is the first Neuroscientist Doula and the first Neuroscientist Infant Sleep …

“With 4 kids I often felt exhausted. But I learned that self-care is not selfish! Thanks for empowering my soul, body and mind!”

Alix von Studnitz Nell,
Fashion Designer

“Beginning Well Everyday has been a terrific source of inspiration as we raise our precious boy. As a father, I’m grateful for the emotional guidance that the project has offered me.”

Eric Rodenbeck,
Dad, Founder and CEO
Stamen Design, San Francisco

“Every time I watch a video here, I feel better. I am calmer and see my little one with new eyes.”

Franci Brenzino,
New Mom and Tech Entrepreneur,

Nourishing guidance

To help you & your little one thrive, with year-by-year guidance about holistic child development & transformative self-care tools from an empowering global community.