Free Parent Coaching

With Pia Dögl, mom, parent coach & author.

As some of you might already know I am at the end of a mind-altering training to become a certified parenting coach.

I have learned & experienced within my own parenting that building a deep & trustful connection with my little one (who is now nearly a teen) starts with building a deep and trustful relationship with myself.

To become open to the needs of my child, I must explore:

  • How do I recognize & fulfill my own needs?
  • When do I get overwhelmed, loose my inner balance & react impatiently?
  • What do I need to allow myself to BE authentic?

I’ve found that parenting is all about: Getting to know my own needs, limitations, secret desires, trigger points, vulnerabilities, inner shame, and the wounds & traumas from my past.

It is my heart’s desire to help parents feel less impatient, alone, desperate, overwhelmed, & unworthy — to treasure and honor their true selves!

Only if we are self-aware can we mindfully create the family life that we desire. 

It all starts with taking care of you!

For a limited time, I am offering free parent coaching sessions (it’s limited to the first 5 parents who contact me):

– for parents with children of all ages,
– in German & English,
– each session will be for 60 minutes via Zoom.

My normal consultation rates are $180/60 minutes, and it is my honor to offer you a free consultation within my certified parent coach training.

The more you discover about yourself, the more mindfully you can create your parenting the way you want to – whether your little one is only 2 or if you are already taking care of your grandchildren!

The best way to book your free parent coaching session today is to contact me at

Want to find out more about my parenting journey, please click here.

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