Project Description

Transform your inner stress

In just a few moment. 

In these sessions, Maria Lentzou inspires you to joyfully transform your inner stress into calm & confidence through embodied and playful explorations. Be kind to yourself to lovingly connect with your little one. Release what's no longer needed and discover the nourishing potential of mindful touch. The second practice can be also done with your partner.

Easy Relaxation Exercise

In this short video, Maria guides you through a simple exercise that helps you to relax when you feel stressed and really need to take a few moments for yourself.

Duration 05:32

Nourishing Touch - This practice can be done on your own and with your partner

In this video you will experience the power of making conscious contact. Our hands and arms are connected to our hearts. Becoming aware of how we come into contact with another means mindfully touching from our loving hearts.

Duration 14:02

  • A comfortable space to be in
  • Comfy clothes
  • A few sheets of papers and some colorful markers

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