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Hi there, mama. Do you feel tired but have no idea how to nourish yourself? Longing for more restful moments throughout your day without the need to perform care for anyone else, but just for yourself where you are feeling comfortable, cozy, and warmly nourished with the same peaceful energy, like falling asleep beside your little one?

Every mom needs those refreshing moments throughout the day. Not having to wait until the end of the day when you can’t stand anymore, each of my self care snippets will give you that quiet peace that you carry in your pocket. Listen to at any time during your day, wherever you are, while waiting in the line at the supermarket, while holding you crying darling, and trying to keep you cool or walking in nature, allow yourself that moment to calm your heartbeat down, to get the patient presence you want to be.

Let’s make you relax and feel comfy.

Would you like to find within the next 10 minutes the missing piece that’s holding you back from successfully reentering the workforce now that you are a mom? And discover what’s missing in your life that keeps you from being the successful and fulfilled working woman you secretly dream of?

Rather than having an expert interview today, I’m most delighted to prove to you that you are the expert of your life. I’m going to guide you to your deepest wisdom. I’ll offer you a short hypnosis and effective method that gives you direct access to your subconscious mind and higher self.

In just a few minutes from now, you will know how to live your dream life as a working mom and the steps you have to take to get there. No one else knows this better than you do. But before we start the journey to your higher wisdom, please rate your current level of inner clarity as a mom who wants to re-enter the workforce on a scale from zero to 10, where 10 is excellent.

Now make yourself feel really comfortable. Get comfortable either on a chair or sofa, sitting up or lying down. In any case, make sure your head and back are well supported. And enjoy this feeling of being supported by the surface you are on right now.

Allow yourself to close your eyes just for a few moments. If you don’t want to close your eyes, that’s totally fine too. Just keep your gaze soft, and of course, only close your eyes if you are not driving. Take a moment now to focus on your breathing. Breathe as if you are breathing in and out through the top of your head, sending your breath way out into the universe.

Now breathe as if you are breathing out behind your body, leaving anything unnecessary behind you. Imagine, sense and feel this relief of gently leaving anything unnecessary behind you, spontaneously, easily and automatically. With your next breath, as you are breathing out the back of your body,

Now breathe as if you are breathing out through the left and the right side of your body.

Now breathe as if you are breathing down through your feet into the earth.

Now breathe as if you are breathing out through the front of your body, right out through your heart.

Allow your body with each breath you take to slow down more and more to gently slow down, easily and naturally losing each cell and nerve of your body more and more. Imagine sense and feel like you are melting in the warm sunlight, feeling comfortable, peaceful, and calm.

As you reach a state of nourishing calmness and relaxation, I invite you to imagine sense and feel your own private sanctuary. A place where you can show up and be just as you are. As you look around you, you might find yourself indoors or outdoors. Maybe you know this place. Maybe it’s new. Maybe you see yourself in nature at a lake or the ocean, maybe in a garden full of blooming flowers or trees, or perhaps in one of your favorite rooms at home.

In any case, it’s a beautiful place of peace, comfort, and ease, a place where you are deeply relaxed. Where it’s safe to feel all your feelings, a place where you can just be without having to prove anything. It’s safe to express your feelings. Everything you do or say is appreciated. You feel truly accepted, respected, and welcomed for who you are.

Trust that whatever you experience is just right for you at this moment. Take your time to settle into this place.

What colors do you see around you?

What noises do you hear?

What are the qualities of your surroundings? Is it warm or cold, windy or quiet?

How is the ground you are walking, sitting, or lying on soft, smooth level, cold or warm?

Settle into your private and unique sanctuary. Breathe into the comfort, serenity and stillness in this place. This place is made for you. You feel truly safe and at ease. Fill yourself with it.

Now, imagine being in your ideal future world as a mother, an ideal world where all your desires and dreams have come true. You feel wonderfully fulfilled as a parent, joyful, calm, confident, and at ease. How different is this picture of your ideal future self as a mom? From what you are living right now,

How different do you feel in your body, mind and heart?

What is different in your relationship with your child? Your loved ones?

And what is different in your relationship with yourself?

What do you need more of in your current life to thrive into your ideal future self as a mother?

Now I invite you to also imagine your ideal self as a working mom, successful, powerful, prioritizing your own needs without guilt or anxiety, full of grace and beauty, taking action or whatever it is that feels just right and ideal for you.

How different does this picture of your ideal self as a working mom look compared to what you have experienced in your work so far?

How different do you feel in your body, mind and heart?

What is different in your relationship with yourself?

And what is different in your relationship with the people you are working with or for?

What exactly holds your back or what is missing in your current life? That keeps you from being your ideal self as a working mom.

What has to change, maybe to grow, to develop?

Now think of the most important goal that you want to accomplish in your ideal life as a working woman. Give yourself some time to really visualize the number one goal that you want to accomplish in your working life.

And while you find this inner clarity, your higher self, gently and wisely appears before you.

Your higher self that knows your path, like no one else is there to guide you. So take advantage and ask your higher self. What’s the next step I have to take to focus on reentering the workforce? Listen carefully to the answer of your higher wisdom. It knows exactly what’s best for you. Your fulfillment success at Higher Good.

Following this podcast, your inner clarity remain in your mind, body, and heart. Once this podcast has ended, you can go about your day, trusting that your subconscious mind holds the wisdom for your fulfillment. And success on your individual path, more and more fulfilled, comfortable accomplishing all your goals in your life as a mother and working woman.

With every easy breath you take, your beautiful true self shines more and more.

It’s time now to return to a state of refreshed awareness, even as you come back to your full awareness. Know that your higher wisdom is always with you, and you can always return to it at any time. Now come back to your full awareness, feeling alert and wonderfully relaxed and refreshed. Take a deep breath in and an even deeper breath out.

Open your eyes again and stretch if you feel like. Please take a moment again and rate your level of inner clarity as a mom who wants to reenter the workforce On a scale from zero to 10, where 10 is excellent. It simply proves to you how easily you can find more clarity in less than 10 minutes by being guided to access your Higher Self.

Mama, would you like to transform your self-limiting beliefs? Self-doubts, inner fear and uncertainty to thrive within less than four weeks into a fulfilled, relaxed, and joyful self? Then send me an email at to get more information about my most effective and life-changing hypnotherapy package.

I’m only taking new clients on a very limited basis, so make sure to reach out to me today. Until next time, take the best care and let your gift shine. You are wonderful.

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