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Pia Dögl

Parent Coach & Hypnotherapist 

Pia is a distinguished parenting expert dedicated to empowering moms with mindset mastery, trauma-healing, and conscious parenting methods. Her unique, unconventional style sets her apart in the crowded field of parenting coaches & therapists. With a background in human development and psychology, and a master’s degree in special education from Cologne University, Pia’s expertise is enriched by US certifications as a parenting coach & hypnotherapist, along with specialized trauma healing training.

For over two decades, Pia has significantly impacted the field by founding A Temporary Home for Neglected Babies & Toddlers in Germany. She is the visionary behind the non-profit Beginning Well & the best-selling book Beginning Well: Empathy From The Very Beginning. Pia’s teachings, rooted in her journey of transforming own childhood trauma into fulfillment and adventure as a woman and mother, offer invaluable insights to parents worldwide.

Her quote: Motherhood means reclaiming your true self, so your child can thrive into their authentic self too.


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