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Minimalist Gift Guide

Age appropriate surprises for the holiday season & more.

High quality natural materials for babies & toddlers

Whenever you are searching for an age appropriate surprise either for an upcoming birthday, for the holiday season, or just for an occasion to joyfully celebrate life, here are some inspirations. Please make sure, whatever you choose, that the gifts are age-appropriate and not choking hazards for the littlest ones:

  • Treasures from nature: Shells, Stones, flowers, pine cones, chestnuts, sticks, etc.
  • A handmade gift: A hand-knitted scarf or blanket, a painting, even a lovely poem can be a lifelong treasure for your child to keep and remember the sender.
  • Ask friends and family to contribute towards buying a larger gift for your child–like a wooden slide, or a sandbox or a new play kitchen.
  • Create a collection for your child. For example, ask people to contribute kitchen items for a kitchen collection. Or some clothes they no longer wear for a dress-up collection. (See year-by-year suggestions for more information).
  • Create a memory book or a picture book–ask friends and family to write a memory and/or share a picture from when they were your child’s age.
  • A favorite toy from your own childhood–what brought you joy as a child?

Year By Year Gift Suggestions

Your Child’s 1st Year

Although the littlest ones don’t really need many gifts at all, we all love to give at least a little something. Here are a few gifts that children will enjoy in their first year:

  • Cotton bandanas (about 12 inches square is a good size)
  • A wicker ball or soft cloth ball that’s easy for a baby to grasp
  • Kitchen stuff–little ones love real utensils. They want to do what they see you doing. Try things like sieves, a small whisk, wooden spoons, small pots with lids, bowls and cups made of wood or metal, little containers that are not too heavy, brushes, and many more
  • Small baskets in various shapes and materials

Your Child’s 2nd Year

Children will still love kitchen items, baskets, and balls. In addition, they will also enjoy a variety of items from nature: including horse chestnuts, shells, pine cones, feathers, stones, sticks and bark (make sure they don’t have sharp edges and aren’t choking hazards.)

  • A sand box or a special sand and water table or something simpler and less expensive
  • Small buckets or baskets for outdoor play
  • Child-sized broom, rake, wheelbarrow, or snow shovel

Your Child’s 3rd Year

In addition to the above items, your child may also enjoy:

  • A simple fabric doll
  • Play cloths–cotton and silk in a variety of sizes
  • Tree blocks (blocks made from tree limbs) or wooden disks
  • Unpainted wood blocks
  • A large basket, like a laundry basket, can be used for play as well as storage
  • Large cloths like sheets or table cloths for building houses
  • Child-sized blankets, rugs, and pillows
  • Dress-up clothes–capes and hats are especially fun, as are handbags, scarves, slippers, aprons–and any hand-me-downs you don’t wear anymore.

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