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02: Interview with Magdalena Yesil

Do you want to know what it takes to be a successful working mom, to unleash your confidence and decision making power? 

Today I’m most delighted to interview Magdalena Yesil, a powerful woman who is not only a successful entrepreneur who has launched several companies, but also venture capitalist of many of the world’s top technology companies.

Magdalena is also founder of Broadway Angels and the author of several books, one’s called Power Up, How Smart Women Win in the New Economy, and most importantly, she is the mother of two sons and grandmother of two little ones.

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  • With such an impressive bio, is there anything that Magdalena fears? And when fear does creep in, how does she handle it? [1:54]
  • How does she overcome fear? [3:22]
  • How does she get things done while managing all of the disruptions that occur everyday? [5:10]
  • Did she ever have any self-doubts? And how did you prevent them from hindering your progress? [9:18]
  • What does being a successful mom mean to you? [15:10]
  • What advice would she give her younger self? [20:05]
  • What does a day in her life look like and how does she managed to balance it all? [22:50]
  • Looking back over her life, was there anything she would have done differently as a mom? [24:34]
  • What advice does she have for moms who want to Live It All? [26:39]

To find out more about Magadela’s amazing work take a look HERE

Magdalena’s Advice for Moms Who Want to Live It All

“I think the number one advice is you can do it, but in a serial way, not all at the same time. I think that it’s fallacy to think you’re going to have it all working beautifully, seamlessly at the same time. That’s not life. Don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s a long marathon. It’s not a sprint.”

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

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