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07: Calm Yourself When Your Child Screams – Mindfulness Session

Do you want to know how to calm down in 30 seconds when your child screams at you?

I’m excited to invite you to a short rejuvenating practice that will allow you to unleash your peaceful self in just a few seconds, so you can see how easy it is to be open, to be compassionate and more calm again, even if your child screams at you or shows other challenging behavior.

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This episode will give you three different way to come back to yourself. Each of those simple yet profound practices can help you to reconnect with your calm self, regardless of what your child is doing right in front of you. I will show you:

  • How to release your inner tension & stress to a ground cord.
  • How to reconnect with your heart space and with your loving pure self.
  • How to sense and feel a golden, warm and nourishing energy around you.

Remember to always care for yourself first, so you can be more open to the needs of your child. Give these methods a try and see how it impacts your well-being.

Advice for Moms Who Want To Keep Their Cool

You are the heartbeat of your wonderful sweet family and if you don’t connect with yourself first, you will not be able to calm down your screaming child right in front of you.

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

Or are you willing to step into the identity of who you are as the creator of a fulfilled family and work life?

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