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Supporting Toddler’s Development

A conversation with Katherine Scharff, Director of Teacher Education, USA.

In this rich lecture, Katherine, inspired by Waldorf and Pikler Education, guides us through the toddler’s important developmental phases and shares how we as parents can support our child’s physical and social-emotional development. Katherine makes us aware that each child develops in his own time and should be interrupted as little as possible in his explorations of the world around him. Children can best unfold their unique personalities in a secure environment that allows them independent free play and autonomous movement.


What is Waldorf Education?
The Waldorf education was founded by RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925). Rudolf Steiner is particularly well known for his influence in creating a holistic understanding of children and their developmental stages. Steiner started from the premise that unique personality traits already exist in babies and infants, and that each child enters the world with an autonomous will to live and to learn. Steiner’s goals for parenting arise from respect for the child’s individuality. Parents can help their children to develop their individuality step by step by looking at the child himself. And as the child learns from example and imitation we adults have to practice education as self-education. For more, please click here …

Who was Dr. Emmi Pikler and what is the Pikler Approach?
Dr. Emmi Pikler, (1902-1984) was a Hungarian pediatrician known for revolutionizing how we think about and care for babies and small children. Her fundamental attitude was that children, however young, should be recognized as individual and complete people. She showed what a newborn needs in order to be able to grow up satisfied and at peace with himself. Her three main principles are: Respectful care, Autonomous Motor Development and Self-initiated, Free Play. For more, please click here

A personal note from Pia Dögl, Parenting advocate & founder Beginning Well Everyday

What I learned from the Waldorf and Pikler approach changed my attitude towards the purpose of human’s development and in particular how I think about babies: From the Waldorf approach I learned that each child comes here for a particular reason, choosing his family and life circumstances accordingly. The Pikler approach guided me practically on how to be truly empathetic and observant during daily care moments, play time and all steps of my child’s movement development. It awakened me to treat even a newborn the same way than we adults wish to be treated: With respect, gentleness and reverence. The combination of both educational approaches inspired me and showed me: How I as a parent can support my child, so that she finds self-confidence, trust and unfolds her unique potential to bring into life what she came here to be.

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Supporting Toddler’s Development

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